System for flat garments in bags handling, using transport systems for hanging garments produced by MHART.

Bags are managed in the same way as Hanging Garments in M4V, MSG and MCS Systems, even in mixed contexts (hanging/bags).

This solution offers a complete flexibility and management versatility thanks to the full range of MHART products.

MBS is entirely designed, produced and manufactured by MHART.

The synergy of hanging and flat garments management allows to optimize product management in a micro-fulfillment and multi-channel perspective.

MBS is a system composed of a specifically designed bag that facilitates individual products loading and unloading.

In addition, in terms of single element management, MBS can have an identification system for each bag (barcode or RFID tag), to allow a unique association between the bag and the transported product.

The materials of MBS satisfy the latest safety standards. The fabrics are made of flame retardant material, in order to avoid dangerous situations for operators. 

The main advantages of this solution are: removal of the systems for flat garments transportation, integration with MHART systems and versatility of use.