Thanks to the agreement with AutoStore, the company becomes a Certified Consultant for Italy and confirms its position as a center of innovation.

The distribution market has seen a further acceleration in the recent months and has consolidated significant changes, which push the entire supply chain to a rapid adaption to new production, commercial and logistical models.

An important goal is to respond efficiently to such requirements as flexibility and speed of orders processing, multi-channel sales system, product traceability, make-to-order specialisation and customised product management, pre-scheduled orders delivery and reverse logistics management.

In order to consolidate its innovation path in the design of logistics solutions, MHART, a leading Italian company in the supply of integrated Material Handling Systems primarily for apparel, GDS and e-commerce sectors, becomes Italian Certified Consultant for AutoStore, the Norwegian group pioneer in Cube Storage Automation technology and specialised in robotic systems. AutoStore is known for inventing the most efficient and solid storage system ever that is also eco-sustainable thanks to its reduced energy consumption.

With this agreement, MHART and AutoStore offer the most complete range of technology solutions for apparel and e-commerce industries in the Italian market in the management of multi-channel and specialised processes for handling hanging garments, flat products and accessories, such as bags and footwear. The use of these intensive storage and automated picking systems has the ability to make distribution processes and flows even more agile and optimised.

AutoStore is also an ideal solution for managing Micro Fulfillment Centres that represent the future of the retail world. The flexibility and performance of the system are real key points to meet new retailer expectations and customer demands, in a word in constant evolution, adapting any purchase modes from on-shop to e-commerce, and making AutoStore a perfect and unique technological solution to optimize storage and order processing operations in any environment, from logistics hubs and central warehouses to urban hubs and city stores. AutoStore system represents an agile and green solution thanks to its very low energy consumption and brings the highest storage density available on the market.

By acting upstream in global sales approach, MHART as AutoStore Certified Consultant will advise customers with their Automation project, this from the very beginning of their reflection, selecting the most advanced robotics systems. This partnership will be also a good opportunity for AutoStore’s certified integration partners in Italy who are charge of the design and implementation of the systems.

“The addition of AutoStore technology in our designs organically completes our system architecture for distribution logistics. Consistent shift of purchases towards e-commerce and consolidation of multi-channel logics are radically changing the dynamics of product management,” says Andrea Di Bella, CEO and co-founder of MHART, “The qualitative handling, serial number management, products traceability and availability in real-time together with logistics efficiency are imposed as assets not just competitive but vital for companies. Only an effective integrated logistics solution will allow companies to create a flexible and scalable order fulfilment system.”

“Our ambition at AutoStore is to place innovation at the heart of Logistics & Retail. This partnership with MHART is a good opportunity to propose different answers to the market in order to solve long-standing problems, face today’s crisis periods, and also anticipate future challenges in a constantly moving world. MARHT will design solutions for customers who are looking for an ultra-dense storage solution and a high-performance order preparation tool. This partnership will allow us to make logistics & retail players aware of the advantages of our system from the first steps of a global reflection,” comments Isabel Rocher, Regional Director Southern EU & Managing Director France of AutoStore.