Temera and MHART announce their strategic partnership geared towards offering high-level automation solutions for logistics activities in the Fashion & Luxury sector.

Two premium, innovation-driven Italian companies combine their respective visions to develop logistical automation projects based on IoT sensor applications and on automated material-handling solutions.

Today Temera, a leader in IoT solutions for the fashion and luxury sector, together with MHART, specialised in the design, production and integration of overhead conveyor systems for garments on hangers, announce their strategic partnership.

The partnership seeks to promote the development of highly automated solutions for logistics applications through the use of RFID technology and single-garment conveyor lines, designed and manufactured by MHART. These are able to convey and sort the garments into a process where handling and traceability are integrated in a completely automated manner.

A first tangible application is t!Conveyor, a product developed in the MHART factory by the research and development teams of the two companies. It consists of an overhead conveyor  and sorting system for garment on hangers totally automated. It specifically operates processes – receiving, order preparation and/or pre-shipment stages – that require the counting, identification, inventory certification and sorting of the product.

Through a series of automated components, the hanging garments are first counted and then checked for ID correctness with a RFID reading system: once the read data is compared against the expected data, the product is sorted either towards the operational areas or where it can be immediately checked if an anomaly is found in the specific product or job order.

The target customers for this system are all the companies in the fashion and luxury sector involved in manufacturing and logistics activities that require automated, flexible and scalable solutions. t!Conveyor is capable of ensuring high operating performances for managing all the above mentioned internal processes. The t!Conveyor solution is suited to every aspect of omni-channel distribution – including wholesale, retail, e-commerce and return-goods management – and ensures the utmost flexibility with increasing volumes and orders.

Right from the outset, t!Conveyor is fully integrated with the Temera Stylewhere platform, the exclusive technological enabler capable of guiding the digital authentication of products and tracking them along the entire value chain.

A fully integrated and operational demo version of the solution is available at the MHART headquarters in Gessate (near Milan), where interested customers can test their garments on the system in both the hanging and the flat (into the hanging-bag units – bag sorter).

Arcangelo D’Onofrio, CEO of Temera, declared: “RFID technology on its own does not bring any advantages in absolute terms, since it requires the transformation of the company’s internal processes and often requires a series of accompanying instruments capable of enriching the functions of traditional logistics, if not radically altering it. The t!Conveyor solution that we have designed jointly with MHART is an opportunity for all companies looking for innovative solutions offering tangible advantages to their operations during the goods receipt stage and not only: it is also a formidable hub for completing low-impact RFID operations, reducing the need for human contribution”.

Manufacturing products with a digital voice has always been a priority at Temera; now, through UHF tags, this voice can be used for interacting directly with the mechanical elements so that the product itself can guide its own entrance, storage and sorting path.

Andrea Di Bella, CEO of MHART, declared that “with Temera we committed to find the most effective and lean solution from a production, management and economic perspective. We can propose to the market a fully “embedded” solution in which the origin of the supplies is indistinguishable. t!Conveyor is a “comprehensive product” because it is part of a shared concept in which the design, creation and integration rely on vertical know-how in terms of handling and traceability.

This application is the first step towards the development of a complete production and logistics design with t!Conveyor as a material handling system ensuring productivity, performance, scalability and quality.

The evolution of the fashion market has made integrated solutions the norm and customers demand projects that are already sized and configured for supporting them in their future business”.